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Software Development Teams Need Help and SIGs Can Offer It

In my post “Enterprise Organizational Structures Are Not Agile and Don’t Work”, I introduced the use of Centers of Excellence (CoEs) as an alternative to traditional command-and-control org charts in large enterprises. While a good start, CoEs are not enough. Organizations must dig deeper and find ways to nurture and grow highly specialized skills. The […]

Enterprise Organizational Structures Are Not Agile and Don’t Work

As soon as any large enterprise decides to implement agile development, they run right into organizational boundaries. They are likely to have siloed departments much like the following: Program Management Product Management User Experience Design Software Development Quality Engineering Publications Customer Support None of these departments can build, deliver and support a software system alone. […]

Enterprise Agile Development and DevOps Cause Major Upheavals

The concept of DevOps is gaining traction within the IT departments of many companies. What is DevOps? It’s the idea of a cross-functional team composed of people from development and operations. The team develops the software and support the resulting software application and associated infrastructure. The DevOps approach is popular with companies offering cloud-based software. […]