Month: March 2013

The Curse of Recurrence and Habit

Some habits are good. Others are productivity killers. Here’s one example. Someone schedules a meeting. That’s bad enough, right? And the person decides to make it a recurring meeting — every week for as far into the future as anyone can imagine. Then it gets worse. Week after week, zombies (sorry, I meant people) arrive […]

How to Do Less and Deliver More

Have you ever had a manager ask you to “do more”? Or maybe he skipped the politeness and just told you to “do more”? It usually happens after you’ve indicated that you have too much to do — too many projects, too many tasks, and not enough time. Rather than offer help, all the manager […]

Fail, Learn, Assess and Try Again

I don’t know about you but I hate to fail. I’m not kidding. I REALLY hate failure. And that is one of the scariest aspects of agile software development. To succeed, you have to be willing to tolerate failure. In fact, if you’re not experiencing any failures, you’re not pushing yourself or your team hard […]

The Simplest Way To Get More Done Is To Do Less

Software developers, testers, analysts and managers are known to be detail oriented. We need to know exactly what needs to be done so we can devise and implement software algorithms. We need answers to detailed questions so we can make the right implementation decisions. Meanwhile, business people don’t always have all the answers. This is […]

Shorter Is Better But It’s Not Agile

I’m hearing and seeing the word ‘agile’ more and more around the office. It comes up in hallway conversations and management presentations. Managers have gotten the message and want us to be more agile. That’s great, right? So I ask them what it means to be more agile and the answer I get is rather […]

At Yahoo!, Working From Home Is Not The Real Issue

I feel compelled to weigh in regarding the recent decision by Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo!, dropping the company’s work-from-home option beginning in June. Yahoo will require that employees work in an office location (unless they have a need to work from home such as a visit by the “cable guy”). Firstly, I have to […]