Guest Post Guidelines

I welcome guest posts. Here are some guidelines that will make the process simpler and faster for both of us.

Make the Post Interesting and Useful

I like to provide my readers with information they can use and content that is thought-provoking. Offer something useful, practical, educational and relevant.

  • Do you have a suggestion for making software development teams or business managers more agile?
  • Can you suggest tips or techniques that will help teams and/or managers be more successful?
  • Is there a technology or an open-source tool that you think people need to know more about? Why?

The Post Should Be Unique

BrainsLink content needs to be different — a new idea or an old idea with a new spin.

  • Be creative. Take a chance. What will make readers pay attention?
  • Disagree with something I said? Make a counter argument.
  • Have a real life experience to share that may be useful to us? Tell us about it.

Well-Written Posts Are a Must

I do a lot of writing including a monthly newspaper column. Good writing is important. I can help edit your posting if you like but the core content needs to be good.

  • Stay focused. Don’t try to cover too many topics or make too many points.
  • Spelling and grammar mistakes are a real turn-off. Keep it professional.
  • Draw a conclusion, if you can. Don’t leave the readers hanging.

Helpful Hints

  • Include a short paragraph about yourself as the author. Include a link to your site.
  • Include a link to a relevant post on this blog, if applicable. Also link out to other sites, as needed.
  • Keep it non-promotional. This is not an offer for free advertising.
  • Submit your post in Word .doc format or as a simple text file.
  • Please credit all sources. We don’t plagiarize.
  • Your post must be original in some way. Please don’t just copy and paste from another source.
  • It’s your post and you retain ownership. I have the right to use it however I please on

What’s Next?

Email me. Tell me a little about yourself and include a brief summary of what you’d like to submit. Please provide a link to your site or your blog.