Agile Is Widely Misunderstood

Agile software development offers great promise. Agile techniques are simple, team-oriented and low-overhead. Too good to pass up, right?

Not so fast. Software development is risky business. There are no panaceas and no guarantees.

In an enterprise environment, you will still need project managers to control chaos, manage risk, deflect interruptions, and resolve issues. So why not just stick with waterfall?

Because the speed of business is accelerating and the speed of waterfall software development is not. We need new ideas and new approaches to get enterprise software development out of the 1980’s. Agile works. But it’s not easy.

Before diving into agile, take a look at this article called Top Ten Misconceptions About Agile Development. Then go ahead and dive in. The water’s fine.

Updated: December 31, 2010 — 5:19 pm