Agile Is a Mindset Not Just a Ruleset

I sat in a meeting today where we discussed extracting data from one database and inserting it into another. Someone made a well-intentioned comment in an effort to reduce the amount of work needed. Then, a major argument ensued.

One side felt that the extra work had to be done while the other side felt that cutting some corners would make a negligible difference. I listened intently and concluded that neither side fully comprehended the issues. Each side made invalid assumptions and drew incorrect conclusions.

After several rounds, I intervened, pointed out the invalid assumptions, and proposed a compromise.

I’m sure you’ve seen this happen many times. We’ve all done it.

Make an assumption, don’t bother to validate it, get emotionally connected to the conclusion…look like an idiot.

Being agile means being ready and willing to accept alternative ideas. It’s a mindset. Are you ready?

Updated: December 31, 2010 — 5:14 pm