Does Your Boss Have What It Takes to Be Agile?

Agile development may be a hot trend but it’s hard to get right.

  • Are you afraid to take risks?
  • Are you afraid of losing your job if you mess up?
  • Does your boss operate on the “failure is not an option” principle?
  • Do you feel the need to be right all the time?
  • Is “playing it safe” the approach your boss prefers?
  • Is perfection the goal your boss seeks?

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, you’ll find it tough to follow agile principles in software development.

  • Being agile means taking risks.
  • Being agile means accepting small failures.
  • Being agile means perfection is a journey not a goal.

If your management team catches agile fever and orders your software development team to be agile, ask them the questions above. While you’re at it, ask the the following questions too.

  • Why?
  • What problem needs to be solved?
  • What is the goal of changing the development approach?
  • Will the rest of the company also commit to being agile?
  • What is the budget for training, coaching, tools, etc?

Enterprise transitions from any command-and-control development approach to any agile approach (e.g. Kanban, Lean, Scrum, XP) won’t be easy, fast, or cheap. Get everyone to accept that — up front.

Updated: September 28, 2011 — 10:33 pm