Permanent List of Electronic Kanban and Scrum Tools

A few months ago, I published a post called “Electronic Kanban Boards Are Worth a Look”. Since then I’ve continued to look for software that can be used by software development teams practicing Kanban or Scrum. Specifically, I’m interested in electronic project boards.

There are a lot more options available than I thought and there isn’t a comprehensive resource list available on the Web, at least, not that I could find. So, I’ve created a list and given it a permanent link. I’ll update it as new information becomes available. You can find it at “Kanban / Scrum Tools List”.

The most important point is to find an approach that works for your team. If you’re happy with whatever approach you’re using — physical or electronic — keep using it. If you’re not happy, try a different approach.

You might think that one Kanban or Scrum board is the same as another. Yet, the techniques used by the software on the list vary widely. Examine a few of them. Even if you decide against making a switch, you might get some ideas for improving what you’re doing now. Let me know what you think.

Updated: March 4, 2012 — 10:22 pm