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7 Prerequisites for Building Great Software Systems

When I and other bloggers write about agile software development, we almost always focus on process areas and Scrum, in particular. That’s fine, but I’m making the argument in this post that your team simply cannot be agile unless some basic elements of software development are in place. Without them, the best agile process on […]

Think Less and Deliver Better Software

Simpler Is Better Why is it that many of us strive to make things more complicated? Maybe it’s human nature or maybe it’s simply because we can. Regardless, complexity is often unnecessary and it can be just plain evil at times. As the software systems we build grow more complex, the development approaches we use […]

The Future Is Here and Living in Your Smartphone

Apple sent out a few loud and clear messages at their Worldwide Developers Conference this week. They announced some great new products and the media is fixated on them. But the products are not the message. The capabilities of those products and the future direction they establish are what’s interesting. Here’s my interpretation of the […]

Permanent List of Electronic Kanban and Scrum Tools

A few months ago, I published a post called “Electronic Kanban Boards Are Worth a Look”. Since then I’ve continued to look for software that can be used by software development teams practicing Kanban or Scrum. Specifically, I’m interested in electronic project boards. There are a lot more options available than I thought and there […]

Software: Is It ‘Beta’ or Is It Junk?

Google seems to have started a trend that is growing worse. Google has a history of releasing software labelled “beta”. The beta tag indicates that the software is not yet complete — missing features, increased likelihood of defects, and general usability issues. The beta tag also provides an easy out. If users complain, simply remind […]

Your Data in the Cloud Is at Risk

Many firms are touting the benefits of “cloud computing”. It’s particularly beneficial for mobile users. If you could store everything in the cloud, your information would be accessible from anywhere using any device. That’s Nirvana! This approach would also make mobile devices cheaper. If they don’t have to store anything locally, they can do without […]

The Mobile OS Wars Are a Good Thing

The smartphone/tablet OS wars are exciting. There are five mainstream choices and one dark horse. Apple iOS Google Android HP webOS Intel MeeGo Microsoft Windows Phone RIM QNX It’s great to have serious competition in any market. Without it, stagnation results. Just look at how far desktop Windows has come in the last decade. Compare […]

Google Search Is Broken … Still

I use Google search heavily. Every day. I also use Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Maps and YouTube. There are alternatives for all of them but Google does a nice job and the integration across applications is a big plus. Google clearly dominates Internet search and wants to dominate cloud-based services in general. All […]

The move to IPv6 finally heats up

It is suddenly ‘breaking news’ that the world will run out of Internet addresses sometime next year. I wrote about this subject back in October, 2007 in an article called “IPv6 Support Is Now Mandatory for Many Suppliers”. It was published in the Indus Business Journal and can also be found on my website. When […]