Guest Post: How Technology Can Help in Your Business Development

Today, technology has become so advanced that it can greatly contribute to the development and productivity of the business. One needs to research, analyze and understand how technology can greatly assist in boosting one’s business.


Communication is the most important aspect in any business. One can improve communication or be in touch with business clients, customers, employees by making use of the technology. Today, every person owns a Smartphone or mobile phone with camera facility. One can see and communicate face to face using video conferencing. You can view the other person, listen to and put your point forward to the target person, irrespective of their geographic location in the globe. Chatting via video conferencing gives more impact than a traditional phone call. One can explain about one’s new product and show its working and benefits to others. One can have business meetings via phone, instead of meeting in a particular place, thereby removing the barriers of boundary.


Many employees need to travel frequently as a part of their job. They need updated information to perform their job. Mobile phones and wireless technology have paved ways for this. One can access any information one needs and contribute to the productivity of the organization. Also, technology has developed so well that employees can be allotted seats only when they need to be physically present. Many employees can use the same seat on a gyratory basis. This greatly reduces the cost as the organization need not expand the workspace physically to accommodate the growing number of employees. Since the employees are in constant touch with their superiors, they can work effectively without any delay in acquiring official information.

Employee Monitoring

Many organizations provide mobile phones to their employees. The employers can install mobile spy on the mobile phones before giving it to their employees. This helps them to trace the activities of the employees. The organization can get access to the phone calls made and received, messages sent and received, websites visited, chat history, browsing history etc. It also helps to find the employees location at a specific time. Monitoring the activities drives the employees to consciously contribute to the productivity of the organization, also to know if any of the employees are involved in leaking company’s confidential data.


Technology has advanced so well that it helps to satisfy the customer needs. It helps to understand clearly what customers’ needs are and how they want them. For instance, when a customer calls the organization for any queries, technology can be used to set up a system which would give solutions to the queries of the customer by tracing the customer details that were previously recorded. The employee in turn can communicate to the customer appropriately and satisfy their queries and improve the relationship with the customer. This helps to boost sales and improve the business profit.

Apart from boosting sales, technology has gone a step ahead in building good customer relationship. The job of an organization never ends with making a sale to the customer, the business can benefit only if they have repeated sales. If a customer is satisfied with the product or service, they would keep coming again and again. This is possible only by maintaining a constant touch with the customers. Applications are available which help to monitor the sales, discover the customers’ tastes and practices and the reason why they like to come back. Thus, technology helps to take business to the next level.

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Updated: May 6, 2012 — 9:38 pm